On Amusing Errors


The web is effing big

One day in 2012 I logged into my server to only get really weird responses. When I checked the dashboard I saw what might have been the cause:

Yes, that’s about 6 Petabyte. And yes, it’s in harsh contrast to my actual 100 MB storage. (I never used it for hosting.)

It seemed I owned 0,2‰ of all InternetHow big is the internet? at this point in time.
This seems to be not that much, but be aware that all of Wikipedia is just about 10 GB in total, and all of Wikimedia is just about 23 TBSize of Wikpedia. I honestly thought it to be bigger.

Sadly my hoster didn’t had any humour. When I wrote to their support team I got a somewhat snotty answer. (It was still resolved the day later.)